What we do

We offer the best protection against the piracy of your products, your brands and your ideas.

By combining the novel solutions from Blockchain domain with the power of NFC technology, we help you to keep your products real and easily verifiable throughout its lifetime.

Our Secure Hardware comes with the industry tested cryptographic capabilities and tamper-resistent identification & credentials embedded in it. By utilising the immutable records maintained in a decentralised Blockchain infrastructure, it enables the most honest Proof of Authenticity using our FP Blockchain Framework.

Why choose our solution

Better risk management and brand protection, along with

  • Negligible running cost
  • On-demand scalability
  • Easy implementation


There are many ways to protect your products, but none of them are as secure and scalable as we have to offer.

Security by Design

Our Secure Hardware comes with securely embedded data which is non-reversible and non-duplicable. Our FP Blockchain Framework enables fully encrypted serverless direct communication with the blockchain.

Decentralised Entity

All the operational data is maintained in a cryptographically secured immutable ledger on a blockchain. It results in no extra cost for cloud servers, no danger of any attacks or data breaches and guaranteed 100% uptime.

Traceable Authentication

Every verification, if actively tracked, can be utilised to identify the malicious activities and the fake market through tamper-evident feature. It also improves the transparency and ensures the safety throughout transportation.


Our solutions not only protects your products, but also makes it easy for your customers to verify.

Easier Integration

Our Secure hardware is so small and flexible that it can be embedded easily into your product without changing its properties. Our process ensures the secure configuration with the blockchain before its delivery.

Seamless Operation

Our Secure hardware is highly durable, comes with signficantly long lifetime and, in monitoring-less applications, runs without batteries. With a blockchain-based verification, a unit operational cost remains negligible to none.

Adaptive Convenience

Just look for the logo on your product, tap with the smartphone using our FP App and get it verified directly on blockchain, for free! You can also make your own app or integrate in your existing one using our FP Mobile SDK.

How it works

Our process is designed such a way that it is not possible to manipulate the data flow or storage, not even by your own employees.

  • Each hardware comes with unique id, certificates and your information, analogs of which are stored in blockchain.
  • You embedd the hardware into your product. The finalised product is delivered to your customer.
  • End consumer uses FP App or your App with FP Mobile SDK to verify the authenticity of the product using data on blockchain.


The life of a product goes from its inception at trustable suppliers finally to the consumption by a customer. Piracy affects at all stages of this evolution. Our solution covers them all and beyond.

Choose Your Product

No matter, if your products are tailored to your limited customer base or mass produced, we got them all protected.


Quick and simple yet highly secured solution for mass produced goods.


The most affordable Blockchain-assisted authentication solution designed for quick integration in any industrial process.

  • Usable right-out-of-the-box
  • Flexible Implementation
  • AES-based Verification


Embeddable solution for a device, a machine or an industrial component.


Along with secure authentication, it offers secured data tracking from your sensors or IoT devices—all verifiable using Blockchain.

  • Customised Secure Hardware
  • Assisted Software Development
  • Versatile ERP Integration

Let's connect!

Discuss with us your problems of product piracy and let us find out the best ways to protect your products with the help of our innovative measures.